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Prospect Psychotherapy Practice

For almost 30 years Prospect Psychotherapy (previously called Dubh Linn Institute) has continuously provided quality care and support for people from all walks of life. Our practitioners work with couples, adults, children and adolescents.

Our Practice

If you have arrived here then it’s likely that someone you know is going through a tough time. A friend, a family member, a loved one, perhaps even a patient of yours or a work colleague. Or that person may be you – yourself.

We are all human. No-one is immune to the obstacles that present themselves to us as we make our way along life’s highways and byways. Every now and then though, we meet with something along the way that really throws us or overwhelms our capacity to muddle through.

That’s when we look for help. It’s a good reflex and one which is fundamental to our humanity. We reach out to the other from the very beginning of our lives. In the best of circumstances someone reaches back to us. That’s where we come in.

So do not hesitate and contact us and one of our fully-trained and accredited psychotherapists will be in touch with you immediately.

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