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To some extent, there is an ordinariness about anxiety.

A certain level of anxiety is just part of life.  It is natural to anticipate events and to try, in our own mind, to prepare for what we might be presented with.  Sometimes, however, our anxiety becomes too much and we cannot manage everything that we have to do.  Sometimes the demands that we feel from work, from our family, from our partners, and even from life itself can become so great that we feel overwhelmed.

We might find ourselves trying in our mind to anticipate all the possible outcomes of each situation that we might encounter.  We might find ourselves worrying about some other demand as we try to do whatever it is that we’re involved in at the moment.  When we try to sleep, we can be disturbed by thoughts of what we have to do, or what we did during the day and whether we might have forgotten something.

There is a sense also that in anxiety we create our own demons.  We frighten the life out of ourselves by imagining the dangers that might befall us.  Ordinary things become extra-ordinary.  Our thinking can become confused and it can all become too much.  In the end, what can often happen is that we try to shut down.  We become unable to manage.  We can become afraid to face the world, sometimes even afraid to go out to do the ordinary things that once would not have cost us a thought.


So what might we do and where might we go with anxiety.

Well, there are two effective antidotes to anxiety.  The first is action, the second is to talk about it in all its detail.  For the person who is suffering with anxiety it will take an effort, first to seek help, then to actually go and avail of the help that is there to be had.


Speaking to a trained and experienced psychotherapist is where help can be found.

And it will take effort to make the phone-call and to turn up for the appointment.  In the end it will be worth it and it will make a difference.