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Bereavement and Loss


Bereavement and Loss

The death of someone close to us leaves a great chasm in our lives.

Sometimes the pain of this loss will seem more that we can bear.  Even when such loss is expected, as in the case of an elderly parent, for instance, the impact is often much greater than ever imagined.  Our friends, our parents, and especially our life-partners and our children form part of the fabric of our life.  They are our warp and our weft.  When the one we love disappears, the threads of our life can unravel; our life is rent open. There is no escape from the pain of such loss; it must be borne.

Feeling the loss of the one we love is also the last connection that we have with them.  We long for them, we grieve for their loss.  We can find ourselves remembering the times we spent with those who are gone, reliving in our minds the last moments.  We might remember good times with the one who’s absent; we will remember times that we regret.  Sometimes, there are memories and feeling that are difficult to speak about.  Sometimes it is hard to speak about our loss to those that we are closest to, since they too are suffering the same loss.  Yet only speaking will salve the loss, though it can bring tears and longing.



In these times, speaking to a therapist who can offer undivided listening and who will not be overwhelmed can ease the pain.

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