Awkward Conversations

Awkward Conversations

Awkward Conversations

On The Marian Finiucane Show RTE RADIO ONE

How to talk to your children and how to get them to talk to you when the subject matter might not be all that easy.

We’re delighted to announce that our very own Rosaleen McElvaney graced the airwaves of RTE radio on Saturday 13th August. She was invited into the studio to give us all the benefit of her countless years of experience as a clinical psychologist working with people on some of the most difficult topics. She has a wealth of expertise in dealing with sexual abuse.

What really comes across in the interview is the tremendous respect Rosaleen has for the role of the parent in relating to the child.  Rosaleen’s confidence in the child’s capacity to address difficult topics once the right supportive environment is established also comes across strongly. She underlines the importance of the parent’s role in building an environment for the child where talking is allowed and supported so that when awkward situations arise these can be talked about. Parents will love her no-nonsense approach to getting to grips with the issues and will also appreciate her tips for handling those tough times and her insights into the parent-child relationship.

Having listened to her in conversation on the radio I’m convinced that she has another career waiting for her out there if ever she wanted it. Great voice, great message. (Step away from the mic Frasier Crane!)

For any of you who might have missed it just click here and have a listen to her speaking about those topics that can make for awkward conversations between parents and their children. It’s well worth it.




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