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For doctors, practice managers, EAPs and other referral agents : There are plenty of reasons why you should feel confident sending people to Prospect Psychotherapy Practice.

  • We have been around for over twenty years
  • We have a record of good service
  • We are serious professionals who have spent many long years engaged in our studies and professional development and remain committed to that
  • The range of our services has increased over the years
  • Nowadays therapists here are working with people from almost the whole range of life-cycle, from young children, to adolescents, to adults and to the elders of our society

You can be sure that anyone referred to us will be treated professionally, with respect and in adherence to ethical standards from the moment they make contact with us. We will do all we can to give a speedy appointment at a time that suits the caller. (We don’t believe in waiting lists). The environment will be safe, clean and comfortable. If you yourself wish to visit our premises or discuss our services we would be happy to meet you. Alternatively, browse the website and look at the photos supplied. We’ve tried to represent our work environment in a true to life manner. So that’s really us and really our practice suites. We can acknowledge the referral in writing if you wish.

We very much believe that the work we do has the edge over other approaches to human psychological suffering. Even ten years ago we were drawing the attention of medical professionals and other referrers to the growing evidence for the efficacy of psychotherapy in the treatment of psychological difficulties. We were gathering together the published evidence that was emerging in support of our work and published it in an information booklet, making it available to GPs at our own expense. We’ve since been proved to have been right. Developments in subjective experience research and in neuro-imagery have added more weight again to the argument endorsing the “Talking Cure” approach.

…There is a very significant and growing body of research on the effectiveness of psychotherapy, and recent studies offer compelling evidence that long-term, in depth psychotherapy provided significant improvement in general and specific symptoms (somatic, depressive and anxiety), and that the improvement not only tended to endure, but increased on long-term follow-up.

Results of recent studies in Ireland (2007) find that…

  • Effects of psychotherapy double the effect of placebos
  • 3 out of 4 psychotherapy clients fare better than 75% of patients who get no treatment.
  • Patients who avail of therapy were found to use fewer medical services in general at primary, secondary and tertiary levels including a reduction in levels of hospitalization and/or use of A&E departments.
  • At the end of psychotherapy, the average treated patient is better off than 80% of untreated patients..
  • Long-term treatment led to considerable better outcomes than short-term…’

(text drawn from ICP report on the efficacy of psychotherapy treatments)

If the above whets your appetite for more about research in the area then have a look at our research page.


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